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Spring is here and the flowers are blooming. If your Chevy looks like it does not match the bright yellow tulips and the pearly white pear trees that shine bright under the beaming sunlit sky, then you might want to think about going back to the garage and retooling your Chevrolet. In this guide, we’ll give you 5 tips to maintaining your new chevy and keeping it in shape so you can ride in style in the warm weather. 

1. Don’t Skip Out On Oil Changes

Failing to get a regular oil change can cause the engine to become too hot. This will lead the engine to begin running less efficiently which can cause engine components to warp and bend out of shape. You know where this is going as this can lead to the entire engine shutting down. Take advantage of those built-in technologies like your engine’s Oil Life Monitoring System that can determine when exactly you need to get an oil change.

2. Make Sure Your Tire Pressure Is Adequate

Another activity that is very important to do, measuring your tire pressure is integral to your vehicle’s safety and performance. A tire pressure that is too low or too high can result in problems with cornering, braking, and overall vehicle stability, even if one tire has more or less pressure than the others. This can lead to getting a flat tire that needs replacement at one end of the spectrum to suffering a fatal collision all the way at the other. So yea, you could probably see that getting your tires checked is quite important. Fortunately, your Chevy has a Tire Pressure Monitoring System for these kinds of issues. This system can gauge your tire pressure early on so you don’t suffer from any negative consequences. And while the pundits may say that it is best to check during the fall and winter when temperatures are lower, it is best to make sure you are up to date with how the tire feels. A flat tire can happen anytime, even in the dead heat of the summer. 

3. Make Sure Your Brakes Are In Working Order

This should probably be at the top of the list but it goes without saying: you absolutely need to get a brake inspection every few months or whenever you feel that something is or could be off. The major parts of a working braking system include the pads, rotors, and calipers. Because of use over time, these specific components can get warn down (especially if you have a “heavy foot” and brake quite hard). Overuse can lead to damage and not getting your brakes inspected and replaced can lead to a fault in the braking system which can spell disaster on the road if you suddenly cannot access this safety device in your vehicle. Additional issues like brake signaling and brake lights can also spell trouble on the road. Save yourself from getting stopped by a cop for such a minor issue and make sure your brake signaling apparatus is working properly the next time you are at your local Chevrolet dealership. 

4. Make Sure You Have A Working Battery

This can be one of the single most annoying things when you have to start up your car to go to work in the morning. You turn the ignition but for some reason, the engine won’t start. You know it isn’t a timing belt issue because you just replaced it last week. Before you can get out of your vehicle again, you see that little battery shaped icon flash. Yep, you’ve got yourself battery problems. Vehicle batteries can get worn down as a result of warmer weather. Not getting your battery inspected and changed every few years can have a significant impact on the engine as well as the technological systems built into your car if is of a certain age. 

5. Keep Your Car Clean

That’s it. Keep your car clean! While it may sound like this is just an external problem, not regularly cleaning your engine or undercarriage could result in you not catching potential issues before they become major problems. Also, it doesn’t hurt to drive around town in a shiny and tidy Chevy. 

Hopefully, these five tips have given you a starting point from which you can maintain your Chevy this spring 2020. If you have any other questions or want to make an appointment, don’t hesitate to contact us today at 812-487-0075. 

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