Get the Best Trade in Price for Your Car

July 21st, 2021 by

Looking to trade-in your vehicle? Did you know a couple of mistakes here and there can cost you thousands of dollars? That’s why it is important to know the critical steps that make the difference between a great trade-in offer and a not-so-great trade-in offer. Here’s a look at nine steps that can help you boost…

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The Advantages of Selling Your Car to a Dealership

June 18th, 2021 by

No matter how much you love your car, at some point, it comes time to buy a new one.  As a seller, you have two options: either sell it to a private buyer or a dealership. Selling it independently isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but there are many advantages of working with a dealership instead….

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10 Essential Tasks On Your Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

May 28th, 2021 by

Whether your car is new or up in age, proper maintenance is critical to keep it running at peak performance. Taking care of your vehicle ensures it runs great and keeps you safe when you’re behind the wheel. Our certified technicians from Kelsey Chevrolet recommend the following checklist to help your car run smoothly. Tire Inspection…

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Which Chevy is Right for You?

April 21st, 2021 by

When you pay a visit to Kelsey Chevrolet in Greendale, IN, you may be pleasantly surprised at how many different kinds of Chevys we carry among our large new and pre-owned inventory. Our knowledgeable sales staff is dedicated to helping you find the perfect car by determining your needs. In the meantime, here are some…

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Buying vs Leasing a Car

March 22nd, 2021 by

Purchasing a vehicle is the second-largest purchase most of us will make in our lifetime — after buying a home. And if you’re like most of us, you aren’t walking into the dealership and stroking a check to pay for the entire vehicle. Even if you can pay cash for a vehicle, it’s often more…

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Equinox Tech Highlights

February 19th, 2021 by

Equinox Tech Highlights The Chevy Equinox is an awarded winning compact SUV. It has four trim sizes to choose from all come with the Chevy Safety Assist It seats up to five people with plenty of extra head and legroom. It has a 1.5L turbo engine for a nice boost of power. The Chevy Equinox…

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Get Your Vehicle Winter-Ready

January 20th, 2021 by

The joys of winter include ice skating on a frozen lake, huddling with loved ones under a blanket by the fire, and building snowmen. Its miseries start with driving on icy and snowy streets because of the slippery surfaces, bad weather, and shorter daylight hours. You can make Indiana road trips during the cold season…

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August 14th, 2020 by

The Check Engine Light When the check engine light comes on, it is immediately followed by two things. First, many of us begin to panic, and then we ask, “why”? There are many reasons why this happens, and some are common, while others are not. Understanding why your check engine light is coming on and…

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August 13th, 2020 by

When you’re in the market for a car, you have a decision to make. Do you buy new or used? There are pros and cons for each, so you should know what they are before deciding. At Kelsey Chevrolet, we have an inventory of both new and used cars for you to explore. Plus, our…


April 9th, 2020 by

Buying a car can be tough. Besides, the average American only purchases a car every six years or so. And between vehicle purchases, a lot can happen within the industry. Process changes and innovative technologies all work to alter the way people shop and purchase vehicles. Even so, there are a few core questions you…

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